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Amend Your Completed Depreciator Schedule!

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When you change your property, you need to adjust your Depreciation Schedule. Nobody is ever going to use a Depreciation Schedule for even 10 years without having to change it. (That’s why those ‘Lifetime Schedules’ make us smile.)

The problem is that most Depreciation Schedule suppliers are not geared up to facilitate changes – they figure they’ve got your money, so if you change the place it’s your problem.

So we built an on-line tool to allow clients to amend their Schedules. (Naturally, this only applies to Schedules done by Depreciator.)

If it’s only one item, just call us on 1300 66 00 33 and we’ll take care of it, but if you’ve done a few things, click on the link below.

The fee is currently $49.50, and every revised Depreciation Schedule is checked by a Quantity Surveyor before being sent out.

Or call us NOW on 1300 66 00 33 to have a chat about any changes you have made since your tax depreciation schedule was produced.

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