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Canberra: our most liveable city. And that’s not the bad news.


The Property Council of Australia has identified our national capital as the country’s most liveable city in its 2013 My City survey.

According to the Property Council, and the statistics they’ve put together, Canberra is now Australia’s most Liveable City. Can you imagine what the people in… EVERYWHERE have to say about that?

Not that we don’t adore Canberra, but the Property Council’s own title for the survey, “My City The People’s Verdict”, suggests a more slightly subjective evaluation than any which would deliver this result.

Of course, all the criteria are spelled out in painful detail here for all inclined to pour over.

Apparently it should be called the Affordability Award, not the Liveability Award.

My guess is though that few of us will even get to the bit noting that only 10 cities qualify, before having a bit of a chuckle and moving on to some real news.
And it seems that the Canberra’s Liveability status is safe as Henry Henry Belot reports further declines in house prices in the nation’s capital.

See the Australian Property Investor Article below:
The Property Council says the liveability of Australian cities is being supressed by a lack of quality, affordable housing.

“Australia’s cities are vital to the prosperity of our nation, and yet they barely achieve a pass mark on the most important measure: liveability.”

The survey of 5400 respondents across 10 cities showed residents rated housing affordability alongside the cost of living and job opportunities as the most important issues for our cities.
Canberra, Adelaide, Hobart and Melbourne make up the top four liveable cities but all with scores below 66 per cent.
The final four placegetters are Wollongong, Sydney and Perth, with Darwin taking out the wooden spoon.
Nick Proud, an executive director with the Property Council, says city dwellers should expect more.
“Access to affordable housing continues to be a top priority for Australians right across the nation.”

Proud says governments on all levels are failing to address the issue.

“However, residents are unimpressed with the performance of state and territory governments in delivering greater housing choice and more affordable housing.

“Respondents were also very clear that they expect the new Abbott Government to take a sober look at housing supply and affordability – they’re not interested in buck passing between Canberra and the states.”

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