How long does it take to prepare a Depreciation Schedule? | Tax & Property Depreciation Schedule

How long does it take to prepare a Depreciation Schedule?


We generally quote a 2-3 weeks to prepare a Tax Depreciation Schedule and usually we are able to do it quicker.

Really the only thing that can cause delays are tenants. These days, most people are pretty busy and we understand this. That’s why we’re flexible our Quantity Surveyors will work in with the needs of the tenants. Sometimes that means we need to inspect out of normal business hours or on the weekend. We also understand that often we’re asking tenants to let a stranger into their home to poke around and estimate costs. Because of this we’re really sensitive to their situation and respectful of their space.

If we have a delay – for whatever reason – we’ll always let you know. We’ll tell you what the issue is, and when we expect to get the Schedule to you.
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If you have a need to get a Schedule prepared faster, just give us a call on 1300 66 00 33and we’ll do all we can to help. Naturally, tax season is our busy time. Don’t leave it till then to organize a Depreciation Schedule.

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