June 30 Property Depreciation Deadline | Tax & Property Depreciation Schedule

June 30 Property Depreciation Deadline


It’s about that Depreciation Schedule you have been putting off.

June 30 is going to sneak up on us and your accountant is going to need it.

We might already have most of the information we need to jump on it – we might just be waiting for you to press the button

To book a new Depreciation Schedule or get your job moving, call us on 1300 66 00 33. or email enquiries@depreciator.com.au

Are you on top of the changes to depreciation that were announced last year? You should be. To read a very simple explanation, just click here.

There are now a lot of incorrect Depreciation Schedules out there – many providers are not up on the changes. The ATO will be looking out for dud Depreciation Schedules and you want to make sure yours is not one of them.

We can also explain the changes over the phone and tell you in that phone call how much depreciation you might be entitled to. Just call 1300 660033.

Apart from organising your Depreciation Schedule, now is the time buy any Assets (fixtures and fittings) your property needs. Remember, Assets under $300 are deductible and Assets between $300 and $1,000 can go into the Low Value Pool for fast depreciation.

It’s also a good time to do repairs you might have been putting off – better to spend that money closer to June 30. Be sure you know the difference between a ‘repair’ and an ‘improvement’. The ATO certainly know the difference, and their definition of a repair might surprise you. We covered this and lots of other useful stuff in our FREE ebook.

Don’t forget if you refer a friend who goes ahead with a Depreciation Schedule, we will send you a $40 EFTPOS voucher. You must use our referral link, though.

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