5 Step Depreciation Schedule Checklist for accountants

5 Step Depreciation Schedule Checklist


Could some of your Depreciation Schedules be wrong?

Many Depreciation Schedules produces in the latter half of 2017 did not take in to account the post-2017 Budget changes to Depreciation. If all the schedules your firm has for clients from that period are from Depreciator you have nothing to worry about. If not, you’ll need to check they are correct.

Why are some Depreciation Schedules incorrect?

  • New Depreciation legislation passed through parliament in Mid-November 2017 but it’s retrospective from the 9th of May 2017.
  • Most providers did not issue 2017 Budget compliant Depreciation Schedules until after mid-November 2017.
  • Changes to Depreciation legislation are rare and it caught many by surprise.
  • Changing systems to accommodate the now more complex Depreciation landscape can take some time, which is why some were slow to act.

How can you determine if a Depreciation Schedule is correct?

The easiest way is if all your Depreciation Schedules are from Depreciator, but if your clients bring in their own Depreciation Schedules there may be errors in them.
We don’t want you claiming thousands in tax deductions for your client only to find they’re rejected by the ATO.
That’s why we’ve produced our easy 5-Step Guide to check if a Depreciation Schedule is correct or not.
Just get that Depreciation Schedule out and check it against our 5-Step Guide you can download below.


5 Step Depreciation Schedule Checklist 5 Step Depreciation Schedule Checklist (62 KB)


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