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Understanding Rental Income Fluctuations

This article was provided by Simon Harris – Managing Director of National Buyers Agency, Providence Property Group For decades now, owning investment properties has been considered by most Australians as an outstanding means of building wealth and long-term security. And for good reason. Property markets in Australia have enjoyed moderate (and in some cases, dramatic) …

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Changes To Our Schedules

The last time we made a change to our Depreciation Schedules it was in response to the changes introduced in the 2017 Housing Tax Integrity Bill. This time we’ve acted on feedback from the accountants who use our schedules. We believe this change will save accountants time and make our Depreciation Schedules a little easier …

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Strata Title Investment Property

This article was provided by Simon Harris – Managing Director of National Buyers Agency, Providence Property Group When buying property, the title is the place to look for the essential details pertaining to what you are actually going to own if you make the purchase and any conditions you need to be aware of. If …

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Your must have 2020 update from the ATO for Property Investors

It’s been a year of confusion and disruption for property investors. We had the bushfires, and then that virus. We found a great summary from the ATO that has some great tips. Did you know that if you have deferred your loan payments, you can still claim the interest as a deduction this year? You …

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Housing Prices In The First Half Of 2020 Dropping Slower Than Expected

The expected fall in property prices has been much more gradual that many predicted. While there has been some reduced demand for property recently this has been offset by a lack of stock, so we have a flattening of the housing price curve. Here’s a great analysis from Dr Shane Oliver, Head of Investment Strategy and Economics …

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QLD tenants to prove they can’t pay rent

In the latest Coronavirus development from QLD there’s some clarification about how protections for tenants will work. Housing and Public Works Minister Mick de Brenni has advised renters will need to prove their loss of income before applying for protection from eviction. Read more in this article from By Rachel Riga, George Roberts and staff of the …

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State by State Coronavirus (COVID-19) Guide For Landlords and Tenants

Below is a collection of websites for each state that landlords will find useful in these Corona19 virus times. It’s important that you get your information from more credible sources than the media – much of what you read and hear in mainstream media is an interpretation by whoever is writing or speaking. And journalists …

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Mandatory industry code for commercial and retail leases

Finally, we have some clarity for landlords negotiating this new Corona virus world. This is an explanation of the mandatory Commercial Tenancies Code. Landlords and tenants will be sharing the pain. For a landlord, claiming every tax deduction will be critical – and that includes depreciation. Read more in the following article by Sian Sinclair …

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Moratorium on Evictions in response to Corona Virus (COVID-19)

The federal government have acted quickly with measure to prop up the economy as it battles the Corona virus. The directions to landlords and tenants hasn’t been very clear, though. Hopefully in the coming days there will be some clarity. One thing is for certain, though. Investors will want to claim every deduction they can …

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What Property Deductions Will Be Targeted By The ATO this year

Chris Jordan from the ATO recently announced that property investors and their deductions were next in his sights after the success of his crackdown on work-related expense. Apparently, in a test audit of 300 property investors, 90% made errors. With a success rate like that, it’s no surprise the ATO are keen to roll their …

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