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Are you planning to pay less tax this year?

April 2024 It takes planning to reduce your tax, and June 30 is only 10 weeks away. Yep. There is no point calling your accountant in the last week of June and asking for ideas. And you don’t want to be sitting in front of them in July and having them sigh and shake their …

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Why are more investors looking at commercial property?

March 2024 It’s a trend we have noticed for a while now - we have been doing Depreciation Schedules on commercial and residential properties for over 20 years, so we pick up on trends. Lots of investors start out with residential property and move into commercial. It’s almost like a residential property is investing with …

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Is your Depreciation Schedule ready for tax season?

February 2024 ‘Hang on a minute’, you say. ‘I’ve already got my Depreciation Schedule?’ Yep, but Depreciation Schedules are not fixed in stone - at least ours aren’t. We update them all the time and don’t charge to do so. If you change your property, there is a good chance you’ll need to change your …

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What depreciation questions are clients asking us this tax season?

Tax season is when we get asked lots of questions.  Sometimes it’s clients who don’t use an accountant. Sometimes it’s accountants who are unsure of something. We’re always happy to answer questions – even if it means us doing a bit of research. That’s why so many clients and accountants use Depreciator. Perhaps you have …

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Made changes to your rental property?

If you have made changes to your rental property, you might need to change your Depreciation Schedule. And if you are late lodging your 2022 tax return, you’ll need to do that quickly. All you need to do is email and let us know, what you added, when you added it, and how much …

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Did you know you can vary the amount of tax you pay during the year?

Things aren’t easy right now for investors, or anybody for that matter. But there are some things you can do. First up is a PAYG Withholding Variation where you pay less tax during the year – more about that below. Another thing is to make sure you’re getting as much depreciation as possible and making …

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Want to cheer up your accountant?

Be ready for your appointment with these handy tips, including making sure your Tax Depreciation Schedule is up to date. An organised client means a happy accountant. And a speedier tax return. And even better, a faster tax refund. So how organised are you? Here are some tips on getting organised this tax season. Did …

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Pay for your Depreciation Schedule before June 30

It’s a bit over one week until the end of the financial year. You’re running out of time if you need a new Depreciation Schedule for a recently purchased property. You can order online right now and even get a discount. Remember, the important thing is to pay for that new Depreciation Schedule before June …

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What you need to do before June 30

Now is the time to purchase Depreciable assets Now is the time to add things to your property because you can claim them quickly. Assets under $300 are claimed immediately. Assets valued between $300 and $1,000 can go into the Low Value Pool – 18.75% depreciation in the first part year, even if that year …

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Understanding Rental Income Fluctuations

This article was provided by Simon Harris – Managing Director of National Buyers Agency, Providence Property Group For decades now, owning investment properties has been considered by most Australians as an outstanding means of building wealth and long-term security. And for good reason. Property markets in Australia have enjoyed moderate (and in some cases, dramatic) …

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