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A Tax Depreciation Schedule shows your accountant the tax deduction they can claim for property depreciation for you every year in your tax returns . 

Depreciation on your investment property is just compensation for wear and tear. Buildings wear out. So do stoves, carpet, etc – especially with tenants. So you get to depreciate them, or write them down, a bit every year. The amount of depreciation you can claim typically needs to be established by a Quantity Surveyor.

Depreciation Schedules have Guaranteed Returns

We guarantee the returns of your Depreciation Schedule so there’s no risk to you. Even better, if it’s not worthwhile having a Depreciation Schedule done we’ll tell you within a few minutes and advise against having one prepared.

Depreciation Schedules for Older Properties

Some older properties (built before 1988) that are completely unrenovated or unimproved will have no or minimal depreciation available, but … most properties of that age have had some work done and that work may mean substantial depreciation can be claimed. You should always ask us to evaluate every property; it’s FREE so why wouldn’t you? 

We will check for renovations and improvements that may not be obvious to the untrained eye. Don’t risk missing out on what may be a substantial claim.

Tax Depreciation Schedules Can’t be Produced by Accountants

Many property investors needing a Tax Depreciation Schedule ask ‘Can’t my accountant just do it?’. Accountants don’t have the skills or construction qualifications needed to estimate what an investment property might have cost to build, or renovate. The people best qualified to do that and produce your Depreciation Schedule are Quantity Surveyors.

Even when clients have an investment property built and have construction costs, these are not normally broken down in a way that an accountant can use to work out your depreciation claim.

They send their clients to us because they know we keep on top of the Depreciation rule changes, and because they know that when they get one of our Depreciation Schedules it will have exactly what they need.

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Tax Depreciation Schedules are Fully Tax-Deductible

Depreciation Schedules are already great value as they typically provide an excellent return on investment. Quite possibly the highest return on investment of any investment property related expense. Depreciation Schedules are even better value when you consider the cost is also 100% tax-deductible.

Claiming Prior Year’s Depreciation is Easy

Many of our clients have had investment properties for years before they find out about claiming depreciation. It’s no problem at all, in fact, it will normally mean you get a much larger initial depreciation deduction. We don’t charge any extra to backdate our depreciation schedules. The ATO allows 2 prior years tax returns to be submitted or amended with no questions asked. We can, and often do go back further than that, but you should consult your accountant first.

Depreciator Depreciation Schedules Offer Exceptional Value

We’ve been producing Depreciation Schedules for over 20 years. Some of our early clients are still making use of our unique and free update service. 

When you get a Depreciator Depreciation Schedule we keep it up to date as you make changes to your investment property. That could be as simple as replacing an old air conditioner or a kitchen and bathroom renovation. You won’t get that elsewhere.

If we need to inspect your property we’ll send a fully Qualified and experienced Quantity Surveyor to inspect. Most companies chain their Quantity Surveyors to their desks and have someone with no formal qualifications inspect your property.

What Accountants Say

Accountants refer more clients to us than any other depreciation Schedule provider. Here is what one of these accountants has to say about us and our Depreciation Schedules:

‘My firm has used Depreciator for several years. We have always found them to be professional and the reports they produce have always been easy to follow when we use them for tax return preparation. I even use them for my own properties. I’ve referred numerous clients to them. Why? Because they are easy to deal with, they take good care of my clients, they know the rules inside out, and their Depreciation Schedules are easy to use – as an accountant I have seen some terrible Schedules in the past. They have always been helpful. If a client has lost a schedule they will promptly provide a soft copy at no charge. I believe they are amongst a select few that are reputable in the industry.’

Nick Moustacas

Strategic Wealth Management Pty Ltd

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