New Build Depreciation | Exclusive Guaranteed 10X Returns

Newly Built Properties Have The Highest Depreciation Claims

new build depreciation guarantee

We love doing Depreciation Schedules for newly built properties. The returns delivered on our clients’ new houses, new apartments, and new townhouses  are consistently very high. When our clients are happy, we’re happy.

In over 20 years, we’ve done many thousands of depreciation schedules for new build properties. We’ve done so many, we’re very confident in the kind of returns we can offer in our Depreciation Schedules. In fact…

The first ever Depreciation guarantee just for new build properties.

Order a Depreciation Schedule for any new build property and we guarantee we’ll find at least 10 times our fee in just the first full year. If we can’t do that you’ll pay nothing for your schedule. That’s right, a free depreciation schedule.

There are only two conditions and they’re not in any fine print. The property must have been brand new or less than 6 months old when you started looking for tenants. Our fee refers to the fee for the depreciation schedule not including additional travel fees that may apply outside metro areas.

If you’ve built a new house and have the plans from the builder, we charge $495 inc GST, so you’ll get at least $4950 back in deductions in the first year alone.

For apartments or other properties we need to inspect, our fee is $715 inc GST, so you’ll get at least $7150 back in deductions.

With most companies guaranteeing only twice their fee, what are you waiting for?

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