Depreciator's Coronavirus (COVID 19) Update

It's still possible to organise your Depreciation Schedule

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It’s not quite business as usual, but we are still open and doing Depreciation Schedules.

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August 2020 update – Victoria

If you’re in Victoria, under Stage 4 restrictions inspections aren’t possible. But, there’s no need to panic. We can often prepare your schedule without an inspection using online resources and information you can provide.

While we’ve all had to adapt to changes, there are still tenants and landlords and the latter will still want to maximise their tax deductions. And your accountant will still need your Depreciation Schedule before your tax return can be submitted; unless you don’t mind not claiming extra deductions.

Depreciation Schedules provide substantial tax deductions you can rely on for many years to come for a 100% tax deductible investment.

Don’t delay your tax return by waiting till the last minute. Right now we are still inspecting properties in all states other than Victoria, but that window could close at any time.

So, act now and call us on 1300 66 00 33 or

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How We’re Managing Depreciation Inspections During CIVID-19

Management are keeping abreast of any State and Federal based regulations and recommendations on a daily basis. Our staff who perform the inspections comply with all current social distancing regulations and hygiene recommendations. Tenants are requested to open all doors and turn on lights so we do not need to touch anything within the property.

We are still doing Depreciation Schedules and plan to continue.

Yes, like all businesses we have made some changes to how we operate. Let’s call it  ‘business as unusual’.

Get in touch and let’s see how we can help you navigate these uncharted waters.

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