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Having a sample Depreciation Schedule is a great way to see what you’ll be getting when you order one.

We’ve included a few different sample Depreciation Schedules below. These show a variety of common depreciation scenarios for residential and commercial investment properties. They’re based on real-life investment properties*.

If you want a sample Depreciation Schedule to see how much depreciation may be available for your property, there’s a better way. To look up typical depreciation claims for properties built after 1988 use our estimates sheets. Estimates for brand new properties are here, estimates for existing properties are here.
For a more accurate estimate of your property, use our online calculator (you’ll need a few facts and figures about your property). Otherwise, call us on 1300 66 00 33 or use our online enquiry form here for a FREE human powered depreciation estimate.

Sample Depreciation Schedules Updated to reflect current legislation

Our sample depreciation schedules take into consideration the current depreciation rules introduced in the 2017 Housing Tax Integrity Bill. i.e., Depreciation is always available for the main building work, but assets/fixtures and fittings can only be depreciated when brand new at the time the property becomes an investment for you.

Download Your Sample Depreciation Schedule

Sample Residential Depreciation Schedules

Sample Commercial Depreciation Schedules

*The amount of depreciation available in your investment property depends on property age, location, size, method of construction, quality and quantity of fixtures and fittings, and whether those fixtures and fittings were brand new when your property became an investment for you. Your property may vary considerably from these samples depending on those factors.

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