Deferred Depreciation

Deferred Depreciation

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Deferred Depreciation

Deferred Depreciation is a tool experienced investors use to reduce their future Capital Gains Tax debt. It’s something buyers of second hand properties can make use of. If you started renting out an investment property after 30/06/17 and that property was over 6 months old at the time, you’re entitled to a Capital Gains deduction when you sell that property.

The tricky part is working out how much of a Deferred Depreciation deduction you can claim. You’re entitled to offset your Capital Gains by the amount the assets in the property depreciated while you held the property.

That’s the difference between what the assets were worth when it became your investment property and what those assets are worth when you sell it. If you hold onto a property for a few years the assets will drop in value (depreciate) due to wear and tear. That’s things like carpet, dishwashers, rangehoods, etc. Our Deferred Depreciation Schedules lay this out clearly and for NO addition fee (read more below the table).

Why is it called deferred depreciation? Well, you can’t claim the depreciation yearly like you can on the building, but you can ‘defer’ the depreciation claim till the time you sell.

We’ve included a handy reference table below to show when Deferred Depreciation applied and when yearly Depreciation is claimable for assets.

Investment Property Reference Table

Treated differently after 2017 Budget Building Depreciation Asset Depreciation Deferred Depreciation
New residential property or less than 6-Months old No Yes Yes No
Commercial property No Yes Yes No
Used residential property exchanged before 10/05/17 Leased after 30/06/17 Yes Yes No Yes
Used residential property exchanged before 10/05/17 Leased prior 01/07/17 No Yes Yes No
Used residential property exchanged after 09/05/17 Yes Yes No Yes
*Substantially renovated residential property exchanged after 09/05/17. No Yes Yes No
Residential property owned in Company Structure No Yes Yes No

Deferred Depreciation Schedules™ available for no-additional charge

On a near new, good quality, property held for 5 years and then sold, the Deferred Depreciation™ could amount to $25-30,000. That is a significant CGT saving.

All you need to claim Deferred Depreciation is one of our Deferred Depreciation Schedules™. They include your yearly Depreciation figures and your Deferred Depreciation figures in one schedule. All for the same cost as our regular Depreciation Schedules.

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