How is Depreciator different?

The Depreciator Difference

why depreciator

Since 2001 we’ve been producing Tax Depreciation Schedules for thousands of property investors nationwide. We’ve delivered well over 100,000 depreciation schedules in that time. Our process and procedures have become more efficient and refined over the years. What hasn’t changed is our dedication to providing a great customer experience and value to property investors. We rely on repeat business and referrals for most of our work, not advertising.

Quantity Surveyors who only do Tax Work

You need to be aware that quantity surveyors generally aren’t trained on tax. And many don’t want to touch tax work because they know their limitations. We use our experienced and qualified quantity surveyors for what they are trained for – estimating the cost of construction work and putting a value on Assets (fixtures and fittings).

Quantity Surveyors Who Actually Inspect Properties

And we only use appropriately qualified Quantity Surveyors to visit investment properties. Be warned that there are companies out there who send people with no qualifications at all out to properties to collect data for a quantity surveyor back at head office to cost up. But we won’t take shortcuts with your tax affairs. We’ve produced well over 100,000 depreciation schedules over many years and have never had one rejected by the ATO.

Depreciation Schedules That include Lifetime Free Updates

Most property investors would love it if they never needed to spend any money on their investment properties. The reality is that you’ll almost certain be replacing carpet, putting in a new hot water heater, or other unplanned items. You may also choose to do a renovation to increase your property’s appeal. You’ll be pleased to know Depreciator is the only national Quantity Surveying firm that provides free updates for the lifetime of your depreciation schedule; that’s 40 years.

Our Reputation Matters

Because this is all we do, and because 99% of our clients are ordinary mum and dad investors, you will find our service and systems very friendly. We are so good at dealing with clients that the majority of our work comes to us from accountants. They like the way we treat their clients, and they like receiving a Depreciation Schedule that does not require them to do any additional work (at their client’s expense).

Here’s what one accountant has to say about us:

‘My firm has used Depreciator for several years. We have always found them to be professional and the reports they produce have always been easy to follow when we use them for tax return preparation. I even use them for my own properties. I’ve referred numerous clients to them. Why? Because they are easy to deal with, they take good care of my clients, they know the rules inside out, and their Depreciation Schedules are easy to use – as an accountant I have seen some terrible Schedules in the past. They have always been helpful. If a client has lost a schedule they will promptly provide a soft copy at no charge. I believe they are amongst a select few that are reputable in the industry.’

Nick Moustacas

Strategic Wealth Management Pty Ltd

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