The Depreciator Guarantee

Guaranteed returns from your Depreciation Schedule

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Whether you’re a first-time property investor or a seasoned veteran, having a guaranteed minimum depreciation claim provides great peace of mind.

2X Depreciation Guarantee for All Existing Investment Properties

So, what is the Depreciator Guarantee?

For residential properties built after
September 1987, if we can’t get you
twice our fee in deductions in the first
full year, your Schedule is FREE.

Simple as that, the Depreciator Guarantee covers all residential properties built after 1987 regardless of type.

How do we know we can achieve at least twice our fee in depreciation in the first full year every time?
We’ve been preparing depreciation schedules for over 20 years and we exclusively do tax work. After preparing well over 100,000 depreciation schedules we know that’s easily achievable.

Don’t forget buildings depreciate for 40 years from when they were built (or renovated) so you’ll likely have many years of depreciation to claim.

Unique 10X Depreciation Guarantee For Brand-New Investment Properties

A Depreciator exclusive: an unbeatable guarantee for brand-new investment properties.

For residential properties where your tenants
are the first people to live there, if we can’t get you
10 times our fee in deductions in the first
full year, your Schedule is FREE.

The only condition is that your tenants must be the first people to live in the property. This guarantee covers all types of residential investment properties. No fine print, just one simple condition.

A FREE Depreciation Estimate For Added Peace Of Mind

While it’s nice to have a minimum return guaranteed, most clients like to know their likely claim as well.

Call us on 1300 660033 or lodge an online enquiry here. We’ll research your property online and in a few minutes provide you with a FREE estimate of the available depreciation. You’ll also get a no-obligation competitive quote to have your depreciation schedule prepared.

When you’re ready to go you’ll be pleased to know we have some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry. You’ll even get lifetime free updates to your depreciation schedule. Enquire now!

Older Investment Properties

A note about investment properties built before September 1987. We evaluate these on a case-by-case basis. In most cases, there is substantial depreciation available, you’ll be provided with an estimate of the available depreciation if it’s going to be worthwhile. Properties built before September 1987 have no depreciation available on the original structure. Only on more recent improvements like kitchen and bathroom renovations, paint, tiling, etc. If there’s no worthwhile claim we’ll let you know and we’ll only provide a quote if there is a solid claim.

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