The Depreciator Guarantee

Guaranteed returns from your Depreciation Schedule

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We were the first Depreciation Schedule provider out there with a guarantee and it’s touching that so many other firms have followed our lead.

Just between you and us, it’s a bit of marketing spin.

It’s not hard to find more than our fee in depreciation in the first full year. It’s not hard to find twice that.

In over 100,000+ Depreciation Schedules we could count on one hand the times we have struggled to meet our guarantee.

But it still doesn’t mean getting a Depreciation Schedule stacks up for you – much depends on your individual tax situation.

With pre-87 built properties that have not been renovated, it is often not worth the cost of you sending a quantity surveyor to site. We have a much more sensible – and ATO compliant way – to tackle these ones. Just ask us when you call.

We’ll be able to tell you roughly how much depreciation might be there by looking at your property online before you making any sort of commitment. Now, that’s service. And it’s better than a guarantee.

But here’s our guarantee anyway:

For residential properties built after
September 1987, if we can’t get you
twice our fee in deductions in the first
full year, your Schedule is FREE.

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