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For residential investment properties our Depreciation Schedules costs range from $440 (inspection not required) to $715 (inspection required). Some depreciation schedules require less work than others and we pass on savings to you wherever we can. Commercial Depreciation Schedules are a little more complicated, you can find details here if you have a commercial property.

How much will your Depreciation Schedule cost?

Our friendly experienced staff will give you an accurate and no-obligation quote for the cost of your Depreciation Schedule in under 3 minutes. In that time they’ll also provide a FREE depreciation estimate for your investment property. 

Just call 1300 66 00 33 for your FREE no-obligation quote and estimated return.

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Comparing Depreciation Schedule prices?

When you’re looking around for Depreciation Schedule costs there are a couple of very important things to consider. 

Your Depreciation Schedule may well provide the best return on investment of any expense related to your investment property. 

It will also form an important part of your Tax Return for which you are solely responsible and liable. 

Depreciator doesn’t just provide Depreciation Schedules for investment properties, we provide peace of mind.

Our industry leading practice of using qualified Quantity Surveyors for the property inspection and producing your Depreciation Schedule demonstrates our commitment to quality. It’s also a rarity in our industry.

Best Value Tax Depreciation Schedules

There are a few reasons why we believe our Tax Depreciations Schedules offer the best value available.

For a one-off cost we provide lifetime updates and support. When you need to replace a hot water heater, carpet etc just let us know and we’ll update your schedule for FREE.

No extra charge for fast turnaround. Our processes are less complex and more efficient than those of our competitors. We happily accommodate fast turnaround without charging extra.

We have 3 different price points whereas many of our competitors only have one. Some schedules are less complex than others and we reduce our price accordingly.

Not All Depreciation Schedules are created equal

You might be surprised to learn that Depreciation Schedules from different providers can vary substantially. Most firms use ‘inspectors’ with no formal qualifications for inspections and charge a similar fee to us, whereas our Quantity Surveyors do their own inspections.

What many people aren’t aware of is that there’s a very few set requirements for a Depreciation Schedule. There is also no set format for the schedule. Some schedules miss information that could be used to accelerate your deductions. Others are simply not very easy for accountants to use. They may create extra work for your accountant for which you will likely end up paying.

Some are even just a snapshot in time that can’t be updated or you’ll be charged for updates. We don’t think you should have to pay extra to keep your schedule up to date with changes in your property. E.g. replacing items that wear out, kitchen and bathroom renovations etc.

Depreciator have worked closely with accountants for over 20 years. We’ve learnt what they want to see, what’s easiest for them, and included all information that can be used to reduce your tax burden.

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