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You have reached the affiliate area of our website. This is where you can make an enquiry for a client (even if you’re not an existing affiliate), or find out more about Depreciator and why so many accountants prefer us.

Submit a Depreciation enquiry for your client in less than 60-Seconds:

To make an enquiry for a client just tell us their name, phone number and suburb of their investment property. We will then call your client within one hour, provide them with a Depreciation estimate and a no-obligation quote.


Why Depreciator?

We’ve produced many thousands of Depreciation Schedules for clients all over the country since we started over 20 Years ago. Most of those clients were referred to us for a Depreciation Schedule by their accountant, Real Estate Agent, Mortgage Broker etc. They know that we have the experience and expertise to ensure their client’s Depreciation Schedule is thorough and accurate. Just as importantly they know we’ll look after their clients as well as they do.

Your clients will also appreciate our FREE lifetime updates. Our experienced Quantity Surveyors do their own inspections as well to ensure nothing is missed.

If you’d like to enquire about the advantages of becoming an affiliate call 1300 66 00 33 or email

Need Depreciator Brochures for your clients? You can download electronic copies of Depreciator Depreciation Brochures here

Down the left-hand side of the enquiry page, you will find answers to many of the questions affiliates ask us.

Affiliates also have access to our Affiliate Depreciation Calculator and our table of ATO depreciation rates.

If you are new to Depreciator, you will certainly have some questions about us. Here are the answers to some of the most common ones:

Who is Depreciator?

Depreciator is a national provider of Depreciation Schedules. And unlike most other providers, we use Quantity Surveyors on site. This ensures nothing is missed and your clients get maximum depreciation.

We provide Depreciation Schedules for residential properties and all types of commercial properties including farms.

The vast majority of our clients are referred to us by our affiliated accountants and advisors, who trust the quality of our work.

We do Depreciation Schedules for properties held within and outside of superannuation funds. Our enquiry and booking process is quick and easy for all situations.

We guarantee that your clients will get more depreciation than our fee in the first full year of the Depreciation Schedule, or they get it for FREE.

What are the benefits to your clients?
A bigger tax deduction is always a welcome thing for a client.

Using a Depreciation Schedule from Depreciator also means you will be claiming the correct depreciation. It takes all the guess work out of this deduction, and minimises your risk.

This is a value added service, where you can potentially uncover thousands of dollars in tax deductions that might otherwise be overlooked.

We also offer a ‘free update’ service to clients when they make changes to their property – they love this.

How much depreciation will my clients get?
It depends on the type and age of the property, and how long they have owned it for. We can tell clients in a very short phone call, how much depreciation they are likely to receive.

Depreciation on a recently built residential property can often exceed $10,000 per year. But there is depreciation in properties of any age. It’s always worth enquiring.

As a guide, click here to see some example returns.

Don’t forget, we also have that guarantee: Your clients will get more depreciation than our fee in the first full year of the Depreciation Schedule, or they get it for FREE.

What will it cost my client?
We will always determine the most cost effective way to proceed. Sometimes, it will make no sense to get a Depreciation Schedule. In that case, we will tell your client, and then you. When you make an enquiry, your client is not locked in to anything.

All of our prices include GST and are subject to the Depreciator guarantee – If we can’t get you more depreciation than our fee in the first full year, then the schedule is FREE. Our fee is of course 100% tax deductable.

Residential pricing*

Our fees range from $385 to $715 plus travel to some regional areas.

Commercial pricing

Commercial properties are typically far more varied in size and scope than residential properties. Therefore, properties need to be individually quoted for an accurate price to be given. Please contact us via our online enquiry page, by phone or

Prices start at $770 including GST.

As a very rough guide, small offices and factories are likely to be around this price, as are small shops (excluding complex fit outs).

Medium sized properties are likely to be around the $1300-$1500 mark, and larger properties around $1950.

What happens when I make an enquiry on behalf of my client?
An ‘enquiry’ is just that. We will call your client and discuss their property and explain the options available and the price. Often we can even give them an idea of expected depreciation in that same phone call. They will then decide whether to proceed.

If we decide it is not worth proceeding, we will explain why to the client and then we will let you know.

If you would prefer we deal directly with you instead of your client, that’s fine. Just nominate yourself as the primary contact on this form. We will then call you and discuss the property, and give you an estimate of the expected depreciation.

What information is needed for a quote and an estimate?
Hardly any. You certainly don’t need to fax forms or anything like that. You are of course welcome to tell us anything you think might be relevant in the comments area.

To work out a quote and an estimate, these are the questions we generally ask your clients in our initial call:

Residential property

  • Address
  • Purchase date & price
  • First available for let date
  • Approximate age of property
  • Any known renovations

Commercial property

  • Address
  • Purchase date & price
  • First available for let date
  • Approximate age of property
  • Any known renovations
  • Approximate square metres
  • Commercial use of property
  • Does the client own the fit-out

Who pays for the Schedule?
In nearly every case, the client pays. Of course, if you particularly want to pay, we can accommodate that. Some firms like this to be an additional revenue stream.
What is the process?
You log an enquiry and we call your client (or you if you select yourself as the contact) to discuss the property and determine the viability of getting a Depreciation Schedule.

If your client opts to proceed, we ask them for some information (see above) and an initial deposit.

The job will then be assigned to one of our Quantity Surveyors who will inspect the property (if required) and complete the schedule.

You will be kept informed during the process.

When the job is complete you will receive the schedule in the format you prefer to upload into your system.

What about properties inside of super funds?

We can of course help you out with them, too. Simply tell us during the submission phase so we can consider the clients needs. The procedure and prices are the same. Please call us on 1300 66 00 33 or email

How do I get started?
Just call us on 1300 660033 and ask about becoming an affiliate. Or email and we’ll call you.

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