Why Depreciator

Why NOT Depreciator? is probably a better question.

why depreciator

There are loads of companies out there doing Depreciation Schedules. Some are around all year, and then every tax season a bunch more pop up. And when things get quiet, they disappear again. They’re a bit like those frogs in the desert that only stick their heads up when it rains. They spend most of their time in the dark when it comes to the changing rules of depreciation.

What you need is a company that does Depreciation Schedules all year round and keeps up with rule changes. So that narrows the field.

Then you want a company that ONLY does Depreciation Schedules. There are lots of quantity surveying companies that do them as a bit of a sideline. They often don’t make much money from them relative to the other work they do, so they tend to not put a lot of effort into them.

It’s also important that the company you use only sends appropriately qualified people. You wouldn’t believe the shortcuts some companies take with the people they send to site.

That narrows the field even further.

When it comes to the Schedule itself, you need to make sure you’re not getting a one-pager – we’ve seen a few of them. And you want both methods of depreciation provided. And you want to make sure the Low-Value Pool is provided as an option. There isn’t much point saving a hundred dollars on a Schedule and getting one that is not complete.

And if the Depreciation Schedule is not complete, your accountant is going to have to fix it. And you’ll be paying your accountant to do this. More accountants recommend us than any other provider of Depreciation Schedules because they know our documents are ATO compliant and contain everything they need.

So why on earth would anyone not choose Depreciator?

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