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Did you know that... accountants, solicitors, valuers and estate agents are NOT appropriately qualified

why depreciator

NOT appropriately qualified to provide a FULL depreciation schedule that is. This statement is in the tax act and is due to the above professionals not having the skills to estimate construction costs.

But even in the quantity surveying industry there are lots of different firms to choose from.

Some quantity surveyors don’t do Depreciation Schedules. Or they do them reluctantly (and poorly) during tax season. Because Depreciation Schedules are all we do, we stay on top of the changing rules.

Some firms also take short cuts that the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (AIQS) are not comfortable with.

Every tax season there are a bunch of small operators that pop up and then disappear just as quickly. And when they disappear, so does all trace of your job – you would be amazed at the number of people who contact us because they have lost their Schedule or want us to amend it.

Hundreds of accountants refer their clients to us because they know we understand the rules. And because they know we will look after their clients.

We have a handy checklist that will help you choose a QS.

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