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Do you know about the hidden cash flow sitting in your investment property?

about depreciator

The Depreciator story

Depreciator launched into the Australian market in 2001 as a company dedicated entirely to Tax Depreciation Schedules.

At that time, there were no Quantity Surveying companies specialising in Tax Depreciation Schedules. Those that did tax depreciation work, generally did it poorly because they didn’t manage clients well and couldn’t keep up to speed with the ever-changing ATO rules.

This was a time when the Australian property market was taking off and Depreciator recognised that there was a huge hole in the market for a Tax Depreciation specialist.

Depreciator saw this as an opportunity and decided to cease all other Quantity Surveying work in order to focus entirely on Tax Depreciation Schedules – Depreciator would provide the best schedules in Australia.

In fulfilling this vision, Depreciator built a robust system and methodology, with custom-built software and technology that revolve purely around the preparation of Tax Depreciation Schedules.

The investment property market continued to grow Australia wide and Depreciator did likewise. Within two short years, Depreciator had grown into a national organisation with 75 affiliated Quantity Surveying firms and a great team in the Sydney CBD head quarters. This is a long way from the early days, when its three staff members would service clients locally, out of a small office in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs.

These days, Depreciator has Quantity Surveyors on the ground in every major investor market, including all capital cities AND regional areas – it covers them all and is the only one in the industry to be able to support that claim.

The secret to its success

Depreciator services its clients well. A ‘service ethos’ isn’t exactly revolutionary, except in the Quantity Surveying industry.

Quantity Surveyors are in their element dealing with architects, developers and builders. Give them a tape measure, a calculator and a building to inspect, and they’re happy. Give them a mum or dad investor to deal with and they’re generally a disappointment.

The Depreciator way

Depreciator doesn’t send the Quantity Surveyors to meet the investors. It has dedicated ‘customer service’ people whose sole job is to look after the clients. They field calls all day long from clients and prospective clients, answering questions, allaying fears and managing jobs.

Depreciator also has a money back guarantee for clients, to eliminate any perceived risk in commissioning a Tax Depreciation Schedule.

Depreciator’s strong service ethos has brought it to the attention of several national organisations, which have long sought a national supplier of accurate Tax Depreciation Schedules. As a result, Depreciator is the preferred provider of Tax Depreciation Schedules for a large number of businesses and organisations spanning the accounting, financial planning, mortgage, real estate and conveyancing industries.

The reaction

Property investors love Depreciator. There is a consistent and overwhelming response from investors when they discover the hidden cash sitting in their investment property. They are thrilled with the result, as well as the simple process, great service and ongoing support received throughout their experience.

Investors like Depreciator. Partly because it is not like a typical Quantity Surveyor and because it charges the same standard fee for any residential property. But mostly, investors love Depreciator because it puts money back in their pockets.

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