What you need to do before June 30 | Tax & Property Depreciation Schedule

What you need to do before June 30


Now is the time to purchase Depreciable assets

Now is the time to add things to your property because you can claim them quickly. Assets under $300 are claimed immediately. Assets valued between $300 and $1,000 can go into the Low Value Pool – 18.75% depreciation in the first part year, even if that year is only a few weeks.

If you need us to update your Depreciation Schedule, send us an email to enquiries@depreciator.com.au and let us know what you have added, when, and what it cost.

Enquire about a Depreciation Schedule for a newly purchased investment property

Perhaps you need a Depreciation Schedule for a recently purchased property? Let’s get that going NOW before things get busy. You can call us on 1300 660 033 or make an enquiry here.

We’ve been doing this for over 20 years and have always had a very fast turnaround – we know at this time of year people like things to happen quickly.

What else do you need to get organized before June 30? The more organised you are, the quicker your accountant will be.

Here are some suggestions for your property-related deductions:

Tax Return Checklist for Property Related Expenses


Depreciation Schedule – make sure yours is up to date


Loan interest


Property manager fee


Advertising – for new tenants


Lease preparation – this will be in your property manager statement


Repairs – be sure to only claim genuine repairs


Council rates


Water rates – some landlords pay the connection, but tenants pay for usage


Strata / Body Corporate fees – this is the sinking fund and admin fund


Have you paid a Special Levy this year? We can explain how tto treat that


Land tax


Pest inspection / treatment

If you have an older property and you aren’t sure if there is depreciation in it, give us a call on 1300 660 033. You could be surprised.

It’s always worth a call. Check out our guarantees, too, for added peace of mind.



Enquire now for a property-specific assessment

Has this email reminded you about an investment property you need a Depreciation Schedule for? Make a no-obligation enquiry and rely on our 20-plus years of experience in estimating depreciation returns.

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