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Cheap Depreciation Schedule

cheap depreciation schedule

When you’re looking for a cheap depreciation schedule, price is a consideration. But if price is your only consideration, it could easily cost you more in the long run.

Would you try to find the cheapest accountant around to do your tax return, or someone who was recommended and you can trust to get the maximum deductions for you?

Is that cheap depreciation schedule really good value?

  • Every day our knowledgeable staff are fielding questions from investors and their accountants before and after they have their Depreciation Schedule produced. Will you and your accountant get the answers you need from a cut price provider?
  • We assess each and every property individually before suggesting how to proceed. Choosing a cheaper “self assessed’ option without advice could mean missed deductions that you’ll never know about.
  • When an inspection is needed, you’d expect a Quantity Surveying firm to send a Quantity Surveyor. Most (even the expensive ones) don’t, and use ‘inspectors’ with no formal qualifications. Ask.
  • To find maximum deductions for you, Quantity Surveyors need to be thorough and have attention to detail. What could be missing from your cheap schedule?
  • When you replace items or renovate is there going to be an additional fee to keep your schedule up to date? We’ll update your schedule for free in most cases.
  • Does the quoted price include GST and are there additional fees for card payments? Make sure you know what you’ll actually be paying.
  • Actual results matter far more than overblown estimates, a quick search of online reviews and you’re sure to find complaints about estimates being different from what was delivered.

How we can reduce the cost of your Depreciation Schedule without compromising the result

  • One way we’re able to offer a cheaper Depreciation Schedule is when clients have built a new house. In most cases we can work from the builder’s paperwork. It’s accurate because it has the specs, plans, and actual costs. We charge far less for jobs we do not need to inspect. You can order one here for just $495 inc GST
  • What if you have an apartment? Well, we do an awful lot of Depreciation Schedules and if it’s a newer building and we’ve been there recently an inspection may not be needed which can save you substantially.
  • If you’ve got more than one investment property we offer additional discounts.
  • Many investors purchase older properties that have been renovated. Depending on the extend of the renovations and whether documentation from the builder is available these require less work so we charge less
  • The cheapest Depreciation Schedule is one you don’t have to pay for. If it’s not worthwhile we’ll tell you up front and guarantee we’ll find at least twice our fee in deductions in just the first full year for all properties built after 1987.
  • Our existing clients receive automatic discounts on future Depreciation Schedules

Order your Depreciation Schedule online at a time that’s convenient for you for an automatic discount.
There are many ways to save to ensure you get a great value Depreciation Schedule, not just a cheap one. Enquire online now or call us on 1300 66 00 33.

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