Depreciation Schedules

'Product' probably isn't really the right word for a Depreciation Schedule.

our product

A product is something you pick off a shelf. When you think about it, a Depreciation Schedule is more of a service. Sure, at the end of the process you end up with a document, but it is in the process that you are paying for.

And what a process it can be at times. Consider this. Just about every job we do involves a client, a property manager, a tenant, a quantity surveyor, our in-house staff, and often an accountant. All it takes is for one of those people to drop the ball and everything goes pear shaped. We’re not at all surprised that so many other companies let people down. Remember, you won’t find out how hopeless your Depreciation Schedule provider is until you’ve given them your job, and then it’s too late to turn back.

Even after you have received your Schedule, our job is not finished. You may have questions. Or your accountant may have questions – most clients ask us to send a copy of the Schedule to their accountant. And then down the track you may want to amend your Schedule.

It’s tempting to try and bamboozle you here about how hard it is to put together a Depreciation Schedule. About how the the rules change, and how the acquisition dates of Assets dictate the rates we use. We could go on and on about the Low Value Pool and the difference between a Low Cost and a Low Value asset, all that sort of stuff. But to be honest that’s the easy part (though lots of companies still get it wrong).

The work before and after the document is produced is what you really pay for. And that’s more service than product, we’re sure you agree.

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