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New Zealand Tax Depreciation Specialist


Who is Valuit?

We get asked often whether we can help clients out with properties they own in New Zealand. For a while we toyed with the idea of opening an office over there, but it never stacked up. (And that accent would drive us nuts.)

Instead, we went looking for the best New Zealand supplier and we send people there. We get no kickback or anything like that from doing this. We just like to be able to give people a solution.

The company is called Valuit. Valuit is the only company in New Zealand specialising in Depreciation Apportionments with nationwide representation. Here is what they have to say about themselves:

Valuit was formed in 1998, and now has over 20 personnel throughout the country.

The company constantly monitor developments within the industry, including direct communication with IRD. Consistency and accuracy in the reports is achieved nationwide by a software and business system that they have developed.

Utilising valuation methodologies to apportion value to the individual components of the Investment Property allowing depreciations rates to be applied in accordance with IRD regulations resulting in higher depreciation claims in the early years of ownership. This includes individual values on items from the mailbox through to the back fence. You name it, it’s listed!

In New Zealand depreciation apportionment schedules are compiled by Valuers. Valuit uses valuation methodologies to apportion value to the relevant components of the property

The Valuit system ensures that all reports are completed consistently, accurately and in accordance with IRD publications and regulations and the Property Institute of New Zealand’s plant, machinery & chattel valuation methodologies.

IRD do audit apportionments so Valuit can support the methodologies used.”


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