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How much depreciation will I get?

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We know that the question at the top of everyone’s mind when they call us is, ‘How much depreciation will I get?’

The answer always is, ‘Well, it depends.’ And then we ask a series of questions to better understand the property.

Our FREE on-line Calculator goes through the same process.

This is the perfect tool to use when ‘crunching the numbers’ on potential purchases to see if they ‘stack up’ as investments.

Depreciator’s Calculator will take a few minutes to complete and asks you a number of questions about the property. The more you know about the property, the more accurate the results will be.

You will then be asked to enter your phone number and an SMS message will be sent to you with the estimated depreciation for the first year.

If you enter your email address, you will receive the estimates for the first five years.

Please note that the Calculator will not supply you with figures that you will be able to use on your tax return.

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