Pay for your Depreciation Schedule before June 30 | Tax & Property Depreciation Schedule

Pay for your Depreciation Schedule before June 30


It’s a bit over one week until the end of the financial year.

You’re running out of time if you need a new Depreciation Schedule for a recently purchased property. You can order online right now and even get a discount.

Remember, the important thing is to pay for that new Depreciation Schedule before June 30 so you can claim our 100% deductible fee when you do your tax return this year.

A newly built investment property that the owners may be able to claim depreciation on.Have you covered off all your other property related tax deductions?

You can find our handy checklist here. The more prepared you are, the faster your accountant will be.


A handy checklist of property related tax deductionsMake sure your depreciation claims are accurate

You would have heard the ATO has stepped up its scrutiny of property investors this year. Read more on this here.

The best way to make sure your depreciation claims are accurate? Use a company like Depreciator that has been doing Depreciation Schedules for over 20 years.

Scrutinising a financial report with a magnifying glassEnquire now for a property-specific depreciation assessment

Has this reminded you about an investment property you need a Depreciation Schedule for? Make a no-obligation enquiry and rely on our 20-plus years of experience in estimating depreciation returns.


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Refer a friend using this link and earn yourself a $40 EFTPOS card if they book a Depreciation Schedule.

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