Want to cheer up your accountant? | Tax & Property Depreciation Schedule

Want to cheer up your accountant?


Be ready for your appointment with these handy tips, including making sure your Tax Depreciation Schedule is up to date.

An organised client means a happy accountant.

And a speedier tax return.

And even better, a faster tax refund.

So how organised are you? Here are some tips on getting organised this tax season.

A property investor reviewing a list of property-related tax deductions from their own notesDid you see our handy list of typical property deductions? There are some property-related tax deductions you may not have thought of – and a Depreciation Schedule is one of them!

Be sure to only claim genuine repairs as a deduction – improvements should be listed in your Depreciation Schedule.

Have you paid a special levy this year? We can explain how to treat that, it’s as easy as giving us a call on 1300660033.

You can find our full list of property-related tax deductions here.

Living room of an Airbnb property with a comfy lounge chair in the corner and a display of flowers on a side tableWe’re seeing a big increase in Airbnb activity. Perhaps you’ve been considering turning your home into an Airbnb, or even renting rooms out in your home, in light of rising interest rate costs. It all sounds great, but you need to consider the CGT implications. This is something you’ll need to discuss with your accountant.

Airbnb sent a message out to all existing hosts in June telling them that they were passing on income data of hosts to the ATO. The ATO have said that they are keen to capture as much of this as possible, so it’s important to be aware of the downside without being blinded by the upside. Read more from the ATO on this here.

Two tradespeople making changes to an investment propertyIs your Depreciation Schedule up to date?

Perhaps not if you have made changes to your property in the last year – remember, if it’s only a few items, we’ll update your Depreciation Schedule FREE of charge.

Just email us at enquiries@depreciator.com.au and tell us what you did, when, and what it cost – no need to email us receipts.

A house with the front lights on in the twilight, with a path leading to the front driveway.Perhaps you need a Depreciation Schedule for a recent property purchase?

You can make an enquiry here.



An old Queenslander house that has been lifted and renovated with a livable space under the original structure.Not sure whether there is any depreciation to claim in an older property? You could be surprised – it’s always worth making an enquiry.




An accountant sitting at their desk, working on their computer with a cup of coffee on their deskIt’s not too late to get your Depreciation Schedule ready before you see your accountant. We’ve been in the business for over 20 years and we have the experience to get your Depreciation Schedule ready quickly, efficiently and ready for your appointment with your accountant. Call us today on 1300660033.

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